Bitcoin breaks record and passes R$ 100,000 in Brazil

Bitcoin surpasses all brands and passes R$ 100 thousand in Brazil

Bitcoin breaks record and passes R$ 100 thousand in BrasilNOTÍCIAS

Bitcoin broke a new price record in Brazil and its value, this Friday, 20, passed of R$ 100 thousand.

BTC’s valuation in 2020 in the country rose from 100%, since on January 1 this year the crypto was quoted at R$ 29,500.

„There is no exact answer for when Bitcoin will beat the historic high of 2017, but cryptomeda is very close and has already delivered 350% gain this year alone. I believe we exceeded $20,000 by 2020, making a new historic high and a new market capitalization mark above $335 billion,“ said João Canhada, Foxbit’s CEO.

For Bernardo Schucman, FastBlock’s CEO, the asset could exceed R$ 110,000 in Brazil.

„I believe that by the end of 2020 Bitcoin will raise the price and reach $18,550 and $20,000. This increase is due to several financial vehicles, new ETFs and investment funds, which the traditional financial market created during the year 2020, making the purchase volume (booking order) much higher than the historical average. In addition, the movement in recent years of the increase in the hash rate on American soil, which brought greater credibility to bitcoin in the local financial market, causing Americans to invest more securely, because the bitcoin hash rate is not only implemented in countries like China, this decentralization is also one of the factors of this increase in the price of Bitcoin,“ he said.